Embroidery allows you to make a statement with your new piece of furniture. We can help you discover your own unique style or help you continue your trend. When you add a monogram to your furniture you are able to create a family heirloom which can be passed on through generations.

Whether you choose from our stock fonts, designs, or send us your custom logo, you can be confident in our A+ rated service and quality. We use Madeira Class Rayon Thread, which is comprised of 100% viscose- a material used worldwide for its high tensile strength and glossy luster, which allows it to give the design a soft natural sheen. It is Okeo-Tex(R) certified.

With pillows, you are able to add comfort and support to your sofa, chair, bed, or any other piece of furniture, in a stylistic manner to elicit a ‘wow’ from any and all guests. For these pillows you have a wide range of options, as with any other piece of furniture we create, to ensure it fits your lifestyle.

We also have extensive options available for commercial embroidery, from design to production we will help you choose the right options for your business.

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